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  1. Hi all, do you guys have any reliable immigration professionals to introduce? As this is my final request for my case, I definitely want to have a 3rd party to screen through my case, thanks in advance , cheers!
  2. hi all, I wonder how specifically to proof my self employed business is full time (which work over than 38 hours a week)? I did have a contract with my major client which requires me to work more than 38 hours a week for them in order to get the weekly consulting fee. I do also have the invoices staying my total serving hours and also i got a reference letter from my client to state my continuing consultancy service for them. Wonder what else i can provide to the CO in order to valid my case which can fulfill their requirements?? thankss
  3. Ball

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    hey have just applied the 887 application from 489. but since the corona , i have lost my job and found it difficult to secure a job in rural area. i did consult my immigration agent, she said its okay for me to move to metro area for better oppotunity. as i have already fulfill the requirement. however i did read some posts said that my bridging wont be effective before my 489 expires. it really doesnt make sense for me OKAY to move out australia while waiting the application granted, but not okay to keep staying n contributing Australia . wonder if anyone did ring up the immigration dept, and asked what n how should we stand through this special chaos??? i am eagar to stay and contribute to Australia, but really difficult to secure a living in rural area during this time..... please advise, cheers
  4. Where js the link of the petition? its crucial for is to speak up our voice

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