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    887 Visa - What's the update?

    GRANT O ji GRANT Bale Bale GRANT Chi Chu da GRANT....... YUHOOOO................ GRANT GUYS THE WAIT FOR ME IS OVER FINALLY........... AND FOR YOU ALL WHO ARE WAITING, YOU GOT TO BELIEVE ITS NOT THAT FAR OFF NOW.......... RECEIVED THE LOVELY DIRECT AUTO GRANT EMAIL ON 28 April 20 - 11.46 AM CALL IT GOLD, CALL IT DIAMOND, THE FEELING IS FAR BEYOND WHEN IT UNFOLDS. 24 Hrs passed by and a Sweet Sensation with each remembrance. Applied Date - 24 December 2018 SINGLE APPLICANT - Hopefully will mingle soon.... OK GUYS just FYI - Keep uploading some sort of documents to demonstrate ongoing residence and you current employment docs if any and ensure your file is decision ready and totally updated. You will get your DESIRED RESULTS very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is for all but, but focusing on those who feel missed out - all NOV, DEC, JAN AND FEB Applicants, Its coming your way very soon, don't think too much or worry as it is happening and will happen for you all.... THANK YOU ALL THE MEMBERS WHO HAVE BEEN CONTRIBUTING TO THIS FORUM AND THOSE SILENT READERS I KNOW WHEN YOU GET YOURS, YOU WILL COME IN, LIKE I DID TO SHARE YOUR FEELINGS. THIS FORUM KEPT GIVING US DIFFERENT EMOTIONS BUT ALWAYS, IT WAS SOMETHING TO LOOK UPTO IN THIS LONG PAINFUL WAIT....A RAY OF HOPE FOR ALL OF US.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.... WISH YOU ALL SAFE AND FRUITFUL JOURNEY AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! BALE BALE.......

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