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  1. I am looking for a friendly, fairly priced plumber to remove my old bathroom suite and refit like for like new suite. I am a prompt payer and friendly customer!! I live in Henley Beach.
  2. apple

    Mobile hairdresser

    Hah! I am also looking for a mobile hairdresser in Henley Beach! I look like a scruffy dog. Have you found anyone?
  3. Hi, I had the same dilemma. I kept a bank account in the UK and used it for presents. I have found a helpful florist who take s orders over the phone and then delivers to female friends and relatives. Then other companies I have just googled like Laithwaites wine who do a good box of 6 bottles of lovely wine for the men. I find "not on the high street" also good for personalised gifts. Hope this helps. I think gifts are a great way to let loved ones far away know you are thinking about them.
  4. apple

    Nurses EOI help please

    Hi, I would just phone them. I spoke to ANMAC a few times through this process and they were very helpful. good luck. sounds like you have enough for the 60 points to me.
  5. apple

    Need to borrow a hoover until 1 april!

    Thanks for advice all, have found a cheap rechargeable stick hoover which will suit the job and not be surplus to requirements when Dyson arrives. Quite small and neat to keep in cupboard in-between cleans. Listen to me.... I need to get out more..
  6. apple

    Need to borrow a hoover until 1 april!

    Yes, thought of buying one at Target, but tbh money a bit tight until we find work and I bought a new Dyson, just before we left the UK. I am in henley Beach by the way.
  7. Have you seen the meet up arranged in socialising section, In Westlakes tonight? Might be worth a look, sounds like a lovely friendly group who arrange lots of meet ups. good luck.
  8. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can lend me a hoover until mine arrives in my container on 1 April. I will take very good care of a loaned one. Clean filter etc.. Thanks!
  9. Thanks very much to those who have offered loans. Just looking for a Queen size mattress now if anyone knows of one going spare for a few weeks loan. Thanks
  10. Hi All, We are in Henley beach moving into unfurnished rental on 25 Jan. Our container arrives in 6 weeks, 15 March. We need to borrow a bit of furniture. If anyone would be kind enough to loan us a few items we would be eternally grateful and generous with the beer! 1 x double bed/ mattress 1x single/ childs bed for 6 yr old table and 4 chairs, indoor or outdoor. sofa or chairs for 4 Duvets and sheets. (Essential in 42 degree heat....) Many thanks.
  11. apple

    Warning for dog owners in southern suburbs

    Good of you to post this Sue, I agree some people are just mindless. I have heard of this sort of crime occurring in Europe, particularly Italy but never in Oz or back in UK.
  12. Hi I am looking for a rental property in or around Henley from end of jan, for me and my husband and 2 daughters and dog. If anyone hears of anything, I would be v grateful if you could let us know.
  13. Hi, I am flying to Adelaide on 30 November and am looking for a short term rental for December. We need 2/3 bedrooms for myself, husband and 2 daughters. Affordable price needed too. If anyone hears of anything could they let me know. I am aware of the busy time of year, but have been unable t​o book sooner due to circumstances. Thanks all.
  14. Hi Mandi and other movers,yes we are looking forward to meeting up with everyone tomorrow. We are travelling from Norwich where we are doing a flying visit to see family and friends before emigrating!! We are setting off after breakfast. Chloe x

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