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  1. Mechanic required

    Hi all not been on here for yrs but figured this might be a good place to advertise a job. If any good mechanics are after a job or want a changed contact the manager in the ad https://www.seek.com.au/job/34107042?type=standard&userqueryid=26221cfb7dafb73fbf76f53aa5a6acb5-5532653
  2. Wildlife out and about

    Ive got some drop bears in my garden
  3. Finally here. 1 week in

    Hi and welcome to sunny adelaide...im in Salisbury heights in northern suburbs a nice area is golden grove
  4. I think the visa is now electronic in the new passport...why not claim political asylum when you arrive in adeliade seems to work in every other country
  5. Paul frank booster seat

    I do have couple of pictures on my phone but cant seem to add them
  6. Paul frank booster seat

    Paul frank booster seat bought here in adelaide, on impulse as I liked but never got to use it as ive got other seats.... $180 pick up Salisbury heights
  7. Truck mechanics

    If your after work on trucks and want the money...look at mine work
  8. i'm moving in 2 weeks!!!!!

    Don't forget the drop bears they hurt as well
  9. Pool table for sale

    Hi all I've got a 7ft pool table..ex-pub style with coin operated (has been bypassed), slate top, could do with recovering as 3 small holes in cover still can play without issues. new set pool balls (strips and spots) new cues. perfect for the man cave..$250...need gone soon taking to much room up in garage. Pick up salisbury heights...you will need big trailer 0431 603753 Alex
  10. Sidecar racing

    Something else to take in...crash helmets only aus/nz approved can be used here,if caught using non approved helmet you can get fined big..i only see this in yamaha dealers in man north road. I bought this RJAYS dominator race helmet GP3 for $200 so far happy with it. Alex
  11. Adelaide arrivals

    I wonder what newbie adelaide family's arrive tomorrow?
  12. Adelaide arrivals

    It would be nice for me to meet my parents at arrivals one day..spoke to them on skype...but not seen them in flesh for 5yrs
  13. Adelaide arrivals

    Today i see so many people arrive today at adelaide international arrivals....lots of joyful faces of friends meeting again....and those that have your trolley piled high with suitcases,thinking wow were here in our new country.
  14. Sidecar racing

    Hi im a biker and I've not heard of side car racing in SA but could be wrong but we do have mallar rack track and tailem bend motorsport park....shouldn't be that to hard to ship over just make sure its really clean and have all paper work of ownership. Alex
  15. Landing dec 8th!!!!

    What airline you using? most prob see you at airport...i work as ground crew maintenance for virgin