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  1. Hi, We moved over with 3 young children (1,3 and 7) on Friday and we are living in Port Noarlunga, have you moved over yet? Whereabouts are you? Would be interested in meeting as i'm sure my 3 year old son would be (as he has 2 sisters!!)
  2. Yes that would be great! We fly out on Thursday and we are so excited now!! Hopefully see you soon!
  3. Kate Pye

    Meet ups 2013

    Hi, Yes definitely, it would be lovely to meet up in a few weeks when we arrive (in less than 2 weeks now!). see you soon! Kate.
  4. Kate Pye

    Meet ups 2013

    Hi, Yes it would be great to meet up with you in June! I have two daughters too (5 and 1) and a son who is 3.
  5. Moving to Adelaide in June with my husband and three young children! We are all very excited but a little nervous!

  6. Hi, We are moving over in June! (21st) My husband and I and our 3 children (2 daughters 7 and 1 and a son who is 3) so would love to meet up!! We are going to be living in Port Noarlunga, do you know where you will be living yet? ​Kate.
  7. Kate Pye

    Meet ups 2013

    Hi, Are you still having these meet ups? As we are moving to Port Noarlunga in June and would love to come! Kate.

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