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    Proposed University Fees Reform

    Hi Nic, I'm really surprised there's not more on this forum about the recent changes including the cancelling of the 457, the extended wait for PR and now the massively increased uni fees for those stuck on PR. I can only assume it's because it hasn't been in the media so much so maybe people aren't aware of the implications. My specific degree course is only available to Commonwealth Students - so I'm out of that completely as full fee paying isn't even an option. I work full time and the beauty of it was that it completely works around my job. My employer is also paying for it and the 34k a year fees for international students is more than I think I'm entitled to for the whole degree! Thats one less engineer for Australia, which I think is a bad thing in the grand scheme of things....
  2. erobertson

    Proposed University Fees Reform

    Has anyone else seen this? They're trying to withdraw holders of PR from being eligible for Commonwealth places at Uni, therefore incurring much larger fees. https://docs.education.gov.au/system/files/doc/other/ed17-0138_-_he_-_glossy_budget_report_acc.pdf Given that they also just changed the length of time we stay on PR before getting citizenship I imagine this will potentially affect a lot of people? Its certainly a massive kick in the guts for me. I'm doing a pathways course for an engineering degree that's ONLY available as Commonwealth Sponsored. We can apply for PR in August but it'll take them so long to grant it we won't have it before the proposed changes come in. sigh....
  3. erobertson

    Anyone use Air B&B??

    Hi guys, Yes, these are the things that I've been mulling over too. There's also the issue of capital gains tax which is calculated as a percentage of the house used to earn income for a percentage of time. For the sake of a bit of extra cash it all seems a bit hard and it does make me wonder whether people declare everything as it's rather complex! I think I might just leave it well alone.... Thanks Emma
  4. erobertson

    Anyone use Air B&B??

    Hi all, Just wondering whether anyone uses AirB&B to rent out a spare room? Ive been considering it but can't figure out the legal implications!! We own our home, as opposed to renting. Thanks
  5. erobertson

    Vance Joy tickets - Saturday 20th March

    Hubby just informed me that Saturday is the 21st.... Doh! No no idea how to edit or delete a thread once it's started....
  6. Anyone interested in Vance Joy tickets for Saturday 20th March at the Thebarton Theatre? I have 4 tickets - $200 for them all. Happy to split into two 2's
  7. erobertson

    Boat for sale

    Hi Mark, What's the length/age/weight please? Thanks Emma
  8. erobertson

    Fishing Clubs??

    Thanks Ktee we'll take a look :-) Hubby is a Kiwi and grew up around the ocean fishing and cray diving etc, he's hoping to get back into it now we're back at this side of the world. Thanks for your help!
  9. erobertson

    How Aussie are you?

    I got 9 somehow. Turns out I don't know my saladas from saos, not a huge surprise when there's no chocolate involved.....
  10. erobertson

    Fishing Clubs??

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone is a member of/knows of any fishing clubs? We're in Henley so preferably local-ish would be good. Getting ourselves sorted with a boat is still a work in progress but would be good to meet other fisher-people :-) Thanks Em
  11. erobertson

    PASSPORT EMERGENCY - any advice??

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone knows about issuing an emergency passport? My 88 year old gran was supposed to arrive with my parents today but it seems her passport got lost en-route to the airport somehow and she didn't make the flight :-( It seems that because she can't produce her passport for a renewal they won't issue one for 5-7 days. Emirates have offered to free her up a flight if we can resolve her passport issue but we're not having much luck! Has anyone come across this before? My poor Grans devastated as we lost her husband of 65 years only a few months ago and she was coming here so she didn't have to wake up on Christmas morning by herself :-( Any advise greatly appreciated Thanks Em
  12. Don't forget about the lenders mortgage insurance if you have less than a 20% deposit. We put down 10% and got stung for $13,000 of LMI!
  13. erobertson

    medicare query

    Hi there, When we first moved here we lived in Melbourne for a year and therefore registered for Medicare there, never made any difference when we moved to Adelaide. It's a federal thing rather than state so although it's best to check, I reckon you'll be ok. The only thing I can think is that they post the Medicare cards out to you, so might need an address you can rely on for a few weeks? It's the same with the TFN's. Good luck with the move! Emma
  14. erobertson

    Electrician required

    Thank you Tamara :-)
  15. erobertson

    Dog sitter/kennel recommendations - getting desperate!!!

    Hi Mel, He's a springer spaniel, so although he's not really big, he's not exactly little either! He's also crazy.... Lol!

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