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  1. I did not anticipate finding a new(er) car so soon, so if anyone is after a fairly inexpensive car, I just upgraded and have a 2001 Corolla hatchback for sale. Nothing flash but has served me well and plenty more miles in it, plus 10 months rego left on it! Price negotiable - listed at $4250 (rego worth over $500).
  2. Car painting?

    Thanks! Can I ask what it cost?
  3. Car painting?

    Does anyone know a place that does reasonably priced paint for cars? I bought a used a car a few years back, which is in good condition aside from the pain having gone to chalk I'm tired of not being able to wash the thing properly and I plan to keep the car at least 2-3 years more.
  4. Anyone willing to come to the NE burbs?
  5. Hi there still looking for a few quotes so if he is happy to come up NE, we are around next week.
  6. Thank you! (I'm going to have dementia someday )
  7. I'm just down the road from you and also need a painter so let me know if you find someone decent. I need bathroom ceilings done and shortly, some exterior work.
  8. Unsure what happened to the other thread I posted, but if anyone is a bricklayer can you PM me please or leave a comment here. Neighbour crashed into our retaining wall and need a bit of brickwork done. Can use a guy to clean gutters too! Thanks in advance, Susan
  9. Do we have any members who are brikkies (with own business / ABN this is not a cashie) and could provide a quote on a retaining wall my neighbour crashed into and cracked? Job is in the NE suburbs. (no rendering involved just brickwork) Interested in quality and I also shop around on cost as that can vary a LOT around here.
  10. This was given as a gift and never used. KARIT IKEA single bedspread with cushion pillow cover. Excellent quality. $25
  11. This is a really good quality - bought it as an extra when we had family coming over last xmas hols. $15 - collection from near Modbury approx 1m tall (decorations not included)
  12. Cheap PC - $80

    In great condition & newly rebuilt - just want rid of it now as no space on the desk LENOVO 8808-D4M Small Form Factor PC - Intel® Core™2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz - 1024MB RAM - 160GB SATA HDD - 40x ATAPI DVD - Q963/Q965 Integrated Graphics Controller - NetLink BCM5787 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express - 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller - 4 USB Ports - Windows XP Professional. also comes with a 21.5” Samsung Widescreen LCD monitor and Keyboard/Mouse.
  13. I have a tallboy & bedside table to part with; very similar to these, although the tallboy is larger with 5 drawers, and they have slightly different handles. They cost me over $700 new, and I'm happy to take $300 for them. Very good quality and in perfect condition.
  14. Calling anyone with evaporative Air Con...

    Ours also automatically drains, and is self-sealing or something so that we don't need a cover apparently.