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  1. Leeds1877

    Plumber - builder

    Looking at a bathroom reno, based in Highbury. Would appreciate recommendations or contacts. Thanks
  2. Leeds1877

    Safety in Adelaide

    Adelaide has very good areas and not so good areas. As a mum of 2 young kids (6&9) when we arrived 4 years ago I believe it is much safer here. Kids are allowed to be kids and compared to their uk cousins they are much less worldly. I gave no issue letting my kids go to shopping centres and movies alone etc as well as giving them freedom to bike around and play out with friends in our area. Something that didn't happen in the uk. I'm also a police officer so do see all sides, good and bad but I still feel safe and content with where we chose to live.
  3. Leeds1877

    looking for friendship

    Hi- we are at Highbury and have been here 4 years. Ours son is 10 and daughter 11. Happy to meet up
  4. Leeds1877

    Up market areas

    we are at Highbury too and love it. We live just near the community gardens and they are fab. Foothills of Adelaide are the best in my opinion but depends what you like..
  5. Leeds1877

    Costco membership... Discuss!

    I went for a look around as a non member as I was a member in the U.K. For us, who are not brand loyal and buy products that are on special it was no cheaper and I don't think worth the membership. However, others swear by the place..... personal preference!!
  6. Leeds1877

    Teaching Jobs

    My husband teaches year 7, the last year of primary school here. He prepared a cv when we arrived and after registering as a teacher began visiting schools. He also regoistered with relief teaching pools which are st a number of different schools. Within a few days he had a few days work and then was offered and started a contract at one of the schools. Just 4 weeks after arriving in 2013 he had a contract which became permanent. He may have been lucky but if you are prepared to work in northern suburbs, which tend to be harder and more challenging roles with higher staff turnover he should find work without too many issues.
  7. Leeds1877

    Wanting to meet new people

    Happy to meet for a dog walk at the beach. Largs bay?
  8. I have 13 year old girl, live at Highbury. Happy to pass on any clothes. Pm your details, will let you know next time we have a sort out
  9. Leeds1877

    Furniture for sale

    Hi- am selling 6 drawer tall boy and bedside cabinet. Solid pine with whitewash finish. $125 Also, selling computer/office chair. $25 i can text/email pics
  10. Leeds1877

    removal boxes

    We have loads that you can have for free. We have just moved house ourselves. All flattened and ready to go. I will pm you my number.
  11. Leeds1877

    Bathroom refit

    Yes please- pm me.
  12. Leeds1877

    Bathroom refit

    Hi- looking to to get quotes for removing existing and installing new bathroom and ensuite. Please reply and we can arrange a time for you to come round to view work required.
  13. Hi- We are in the process of buying a house which requires painting internally. The house is 4 bed, 2 living areas etc and I need ceilings and walls painting only throughout the house. If interested please reply and let me know rates etc. I'm looking for it completing at the end of January. Anna
  14. Leeds1877

    Man with van required

    Hi, We are moving house in January a short distance from St Agnes to Highbury and are looking at removal options. We can move most of it ourselves but will struggle with larger items like couch, fridge etc. Can anyone recommend a man with van or a cheap/reliable moving company. thanks
  15. Leeds1877

    Highbury primary school ?

    Hi- we looked at high bury when we arrived and tbh preferred athelstone. High bury is a very large primary school and was too big for our kids, moving from a school of around 280 in the uk. It had nice facilities but there are better schools nearby in my opinion. Admissions are really quick in Oz so just book a few visits for when you arrive and form your own decision based on you and your family.

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