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  1. I head-up a non profit volunteer organisation called British Pensions in Australia [bPiA]. The mission of BPiA is to achieve eventual annual uprating of the currently frozen UK pensions here in Australia. Success in our efforts will ensure all in Australia who get a UK pension or part thereof will have more retirement income. Any extra pension sent us from the UK does reduce the Aussie pension, if you have one, but only by up to 50 cents in each extra dollar received from the UK. BPiA has a website http://www.bpia.org.au which I hope all of you expats will visit. I also hope you will join us, for membership is only $20/annum. The funds we collect are used to run the organisation but most these contributions are sent to the UK to pay for lobbyists to promote our messages in the UK news papers and in the UK Parliament where we have set-up a website http://www.frozenbritishpensions.org. BPiA also helps anyone with UK pension problems and we can guide you in seeking out your UK pension entitlement and show you how to boost it if required. BPiA also knows and shares with members how to increase your UK pension when travelling to many places overseas. I recently spoke on ABC TV about this disgraceful UK pension issue http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-05/jim-tilley-hopes-brexit-could-see-frozen-pensions-increase/8163438 and was interviewed too at home by a senior ABC journalist Norman Hermant. ABC TVstory which is now posted online: ABC Radio‘AM’: http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2016/s4600227.htm ABC Online: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-05/british-retirees-watch-frozen-pensions-disappear/8161786 Thanksagain for your persistence in advocating for this story, and for spending somuch time with us Tuesday. I’ll be watching closely to see what developmentscome in the months and years ahead. Bestregards, NormanHermant ABC (0477)380 281 I hope I can interest many of you Adelaide Poms to contact me by phone if you wish on 1300 308 353 or 02 9521 7964. The purpose would be to either discover more about any UK State pension to which you may be entitled or to join us in our fight for some true British justice in having our UK pensions indexed/uprated each year as they are in the USA, the EU, Israel etc. Kind Regards Jim Tilley Hon Chairman BPiA
  2. Jim Tilley

    Uk private pension

    Kevin, contact member Jim Tilley via the website of British Pensions in Australia and I can possibly direct you to some help in this matter.

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