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  1. Hi guys we are looking for a commercial vinyl installer in adelaide. Any question please feel free to ring me. 0405080908 tyson
  2. Kia Rio 3 door for sale

    Hi guys I am selling my Kia Rio $10,750 ono private sale please find attached the link to the sale on gum tree. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/burton/cars-vans-utes/kia-rio/1123198992 please feel free to ring me if you have any questions. thanks Tyson 0405 080 908
  3. Hi guys not sure if I can look for trades on here and don't want to break any rules so if this is admin very sorry maybe worth putting a new topic tread in here where trades can maybe advertise them selfs... but would like to give a English man or women a chance to earn some extra cash. We are doing some renos at home in burton looking for a sparkie to do a load of work and give us a ticket on completion is there anyone out there please send me a PM kind regards tyson clark
  4. Hi there just wondered if this car is still for sale maybe we could come and have a look at it tomorrow ie Sunday can't see a telephone number on here maybe you could ring me thankyou tyson
  5. Moving to adelaide in jan 2014

    Thanks justine yep pretty much lived in peterborough all my life then moved to Whittlesey about 10 years ago when we started up our carpet shop,we are looking forward very much to moving to adelaide just winding up our shop then on the way.this year has been a real roller coaster ride we had two houses to do up and sell and a buisness to sell, can't wait for a bit of a rest :-) talk soon Tyson
  6. Moving to adelaide in jan 2014

    Thanks mandi we are in peterborough at the moment and won't be able to attend but thanks for the offer. We went over to oz for Christmas for a look about and fell in love with the place but I was born over there in adelaide so I have duel citizenship my daughter got citizen by decent , we are just waiting for the wife's papers to come through then we are pretty much off thanks for the reply Kind regards tys
  7. Moving to adelaide in jan 2014

    Thanks blossom I'm sure I will have lots of questions over the next couple of months if that's ok cheers tys
  8. Moving to adelaide in jan 2014

    Hi guy Tyson here from the uk , moving to adelaide in the new year just thought I would say hi