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  1. kellyconnor

    VISA Granted!!!

    Visa was granted yesterday!!! No more waiting or trying to find documents from years ago whooooop!!
  2. Hi, Looking to come over to Adelaide next year either early Feb or last week in March to coincide with UK school holidays. Looking for a decent holiday rental for around 3 weeks in or around Brighton way for two adults and two kids (7 & 1). Any help greatly appreciated. Kelly
  3. We had our case officer assigned yesterday and now have 28 days to get police clearance and medicals done... and we go on holiday on Saturday!! Help I need two of me to get everything done! It's times like this I wish we'd front loaded everything. Oh well I will deffo need this holiday by Saturday.
  4. kellyconnor

    Migration nightmare!

    Thanks Kerri will keep you updated and hopefully arrange to meet up when we get over for a reccie early next year x
  5. kellyconnor

    Migration nightmare!

    So just to update we are sticking with the 489... let the waiting game continue!
  6. kellyconnor

    mixed up

    Hey Skel, We moved back from Perth 6 years ago in August but are looking to go back to Adelaide (Boomerang Brits!) hopefully in the next 18 months/ 2 years depending on visa being approved etc. We left Oz the first time as I became pregnant just before we left the UK and I found it really difficult to settle/ make friends outside of our neighbours and dog walking gang in Perth all of whom where a lot older than us so I felt like I had adopted new parents!! We still keep in touch with them and their life always seems great however, it wasn't the right life for us at the time. Reasons for giving this another go is that we feel our situation (my pregnancy and the birth of our son) overtook the experience and I felt really isolated as a new mum in a foreign country with no family. Fast forward 6 years and another kid we are hoping this time we are going with our eyes open, we know the pitfalls - it's not all BBQ's and beaches and you still have to work your arse off as you would in the UK but we think that our kids would benefit from this move for the rest of their life. I didn't think for the first 12/ 18 months of coming back to the UK that I would ever think about moving back but as time has gone on my decisions from 2008 have come back to haunt me and I started to have regrets about not sticking it out - 12 months is hardly giving it a go (that is how long we stayed last time). My old boss told me that the UK would kick my arse if I came back and he was right - it's took us the last 6 years to get back on track and here we are looking to throw it all away again. Nothing changes in the UK and I think it is this familiarity which is often what expats miss along with the obvious family and friends. All's I can say is life is an adventure do what makes you happy and don't be afraid to make mistakes/ change your mind as at least you can say you tried and don't have any regrets - I could of just said that at the beginning rather than giving you my life story!!
  7. kellyconnor

    Migration nightmare!

    Think we may just end up going for it - will fill you all in next week! Thanks for the comments everyone it's good to talk it out with people who have been/ are going through it - my family just think I am nuts but they don't want us to go!
  8. kellyconnor

    Migration nightmare!

    Hi Blossom - no plans for anymore children so that is not a worry for me! The child benefit is a bit of a pain but we would survive and would look to do a PR after two years. If serious illness did occur we would probably go home in that two year period I think but you just don't know what will happen in the future. The agent is trying to see if the TRA will give us an updated skills letter but I think it is clutching at straws!! Basically we need to decide if we just go for it on a 489 or re-do the skills assessment and start again. We haven't lost anything as the application has not been processed yet but need to decide this week how we proceed. Agent mistake or our mistake I think a bit of both but at least she is trying to do anything she can to help! Remaining positive as these are just blips albeit big ones
  9. kellyconnor

    Migration nightmare!

    Cheers Gumster - we have done this before in Perth on a 457 but it didn't work out for a number of reasons however this time I really wanted to do it properly if you know what I mean... I have two kids in tow this time so am no longer happy to fly by the seat of my pants!! How are you enjoying Port Noarlunga? Hoping to come out and do a recce early next year if all goes well. I swear I will be grey and wrinkly by the time this process is over I feel like I've aged rapidly over the last couple of months I don't know how anyone does this without an agent it feels like a full time job with an agent and we've still managed to muck it up!
  10. kellyconnor

    Migration nightmare!

    He is Claire - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic.
  11. kellyconnor

    Migration nightmare!

    Found out on Wednesday last week that our agent had applied for a 489 visa when we always wanted a PR. Won't bore you with the details but we thought this was a 190 with SA sponsorship however when she said we didn't have enough points we thought it meant for a 189 not a 190!! Husband is booked in for a IELTS however not until 19th July and now just been hit with another curve ball - from 1st July Skills Assessments have a 3 year lifespan - my husband did his in 2006! Now in a crappy position, just waiting to see how my agent plays this out as we don't have the cash put aside for another skills assessment as we thought we had that in the bag. I don't know how this happened as we never discussed a 489 only ever a 190 or 189 depending on points. Shame really as no complaints about my agent she has been great and hasn't tried to duck a call or anything since this happened and keeps reassuring me that things will be ok but not sure it will be!! One recommendation for anyone in the process of going through this application get everything followed up in an email!! Anyone on a 489 - pro's/ cons? I have two kids - 6 and 11 months was planning on coming out beginning of 2016. Husband will need to find work as a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic and I am a Marketing Manager (not planning on working right away until kids are happily ensconced in nursery/ school although it will probably take me a while to get a job in my profession from what I have been reading!) - will we struggle on this visa to secure work? Contemplating our options but it looks like it maybe suck it and see on a 489 or give it up!
  12. kellyconnor

    New SOL and CSOL 1st July

    Also just been told by our agent that skills assessments can no longer be older than 3 years.
  13. kellyconnor

    Anyone else's offspring done/doing CampAmerica?

    I did it many moons ago when I was 18 too - it was the best experience of my life! Lots of Aussies there when I did it too and they seemed to adapt to the camp lifestyle really well. The programme is really well run as are the camps and the people I met were fantastic. I only wish I would of done it again. From a parental aspect I spoke to my parents who were living abroad at the time a couple of times a week using the camp phone and a phone card and they could phone me whenever they wanted as we had a phone number we could give. I will definitely be encouraging my kids to do it but I can appreciate the apprehension you must be feeling about her being so far away.
  14. kellyconnor

    Invitation finally received yay

    Thanks Kevinr we lived in Perth over 6 years ago now on a 457 but have decided to do it properly this time. Looking forward to doing a recce next year if all goes well before we move out. Have two kids so need to look at schools and job opps. Can't wait to get back to the Aussie lifestyle
  15. Just want to update you all that we have received our invitation to apply yay roll on months of waiting and a hefty bill

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