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  1. suziewozie

    packing / moving boxes wanted

  2. suziewozie

    Lots of Packing Boxes Available

    Do you still have the boxes?
  3. Packing/moving boxes wanted, please send me a pm if you have any. Thanks.
  4. suziewozie

    5 SOS tickets wanted

    If anyone has any tickets to 5 SOS's concert this coming Friday that they no longer need please pm me. Many thanks Susan
  5. suziewozie

    Sylvanian Families for Sale

    Time to sell my daughters Sylvanian Families house , plus lots of other various figures, funiture and other housing items which have been sitting in storage . Would be great as Christmas presents. Please pm me for photo's and prices.​ thanks Susan
  6. suziewozie

    Citizenship test done

    Sue, how long did your interview take and did the whole family have to have them. We were lucky and was only there for about 30 minutes.Let me know what date you get for your ceremony. thanks Susan
  7. suziewozie

    Citizenship test done

    Thanks Sue and Congratulations to you and your family. We are also with Onkaparinga Council, so might end up having our ceremony on the same day. We were there for a 9.40am appointment and might have seen you too going by your photo. I think you might have kindly told us to take a seat and wait to be called !.
  8. suziewozie

    Citizenship test done

    Hey Sue, we were there too this morning and also passed the citizenship test, what a small world it is. Susan.
  9. suziewozie

    Adelaide Show bags .. can you buy them online?

    Entry after 6pm is only $10.......might be worth a trip down there
  10. suziewozie

    Exercise bike wanted

    looking to buy an exercise bike.........please pm me if you have one for sale. thanks Susan
  11. suziewozie

    Woodcroft College

    Do you have first hand experience of this otherwise your comments could apply to any school, anywhere in the world?
  12. We need some laminate flooring and carpet laying.....please pm me if you would like to come and give us a quote. Thanks Susan.
  13. suziewozie

    Ed Sheeran Tickets Wanted

  14. suziewozie

    Ed Sheeran Tickets Wanted

    Thanks Vikkiann, I saw that the other week but the only seats they are offering are for row P at this late stage and I don't think its worth seeing it from there as the seats are not that good. I was hoping ( yes a big ask) to get better than that.....if not, no worries . Hope you enjoy the concert.
  15. suziewozie

    Ed Sheeran Tickets Wanted

    Looking to buy 2 tickets if anybody has them to sell, thanks.

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