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    Guest sforbes



    I am looking for some help please - I am going thro the process and have had a positive skill assessment, have got the state sponsorship and did my IELTS test last weekend.


    I am now looking forward and thinking about my application to DIAC, can anyone tell me what sorts of documents I should start pulling together to support my application. I have a feeling that this will take me ages to find everything that is required.


    Many thanks for your help




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    Guest Squeezle

    Hi we applied in March for our 176 family sponsored visa, not sure if the requirements are the same for all visa's but listed below is everything we had to submit with the application..

    Main applicant - Hubby

    Birth Certificate

    Evidence of specific work experience

    Evidence of skills assessment

    Evidence of relationship to sponsor

    Evidence of overseas qualifications

    Evidence of job offer

    IELTS test results

    Family Tree diagram

    Passport photo

    Marriage Certificate

    Copy of passport bio data page


    Applicant 2

    Birth certificate

    Passport photo

    Evidence of change of name

    Copy of passport bio data page


    The rest of the X rays etc they ask for later when you have a CO, but this is the list we had, you have to be careful that the file you attach is not too big, and in the right format but it gives you the details on the site.


    Hope that help a little, as I say it may vary on what visa you require.



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