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  1. Hi all, I've got 2 spare tickets for Peter Hook (of Joy Division and New Order fame) at the Gov tonight. His band are to perform NEW ORDER'S third and fourth albums, Low Life and Brotherhood in their entirety for the first time ever in Australia. They will also be playing some Joy Division classics. I'm asking $60 each, they cost me $71.30 via Moshtix. Please PM me if you would like to purchase. Cheers, Howard
  2. The Flinns

    70's, 80's music in the CBD

    Went to the 80's night at the Kings Head on Sunday night for the Jackie Wilson said event. It was absolutely fantastic. The Smiths, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Adam and the Ants. Took me back to great nights out in the 80's
  3. Absolute nonsense. I've had 3 employers since emigrating here on a State sponsored 475 temp visa and not one of them has brought up my visa. I currently work for a bank. My eldest son works for the Premier's Department and had no issues either (5 years). BTW we are now all Aussie citizens. The short and simple answer is, don't mention it. If the question gets asked, then you can enlighten them to your visa status.
  4. The Flinns

    New Arrival = Leave

    Mate, I've just seen your post. Huge congratulations to you and Stacey, she's a little belter.
  5. Hi Eddie, you haven't said where you live. Our youngest son plays for The Cove in the State League who are based down at Hallett Cove. PM me if you want an introduction. Regards, Howard
  6. The Flinns

    Best Restaurants in Adelaide

    Easy our house,or our very good friend's Kevin and karens' or...... The KATHMANDU PALACE 9 Nile street Glenelg.
  7. Just an update that the beds have now gone. Regards, Howard
  8. The Flinns

    PIA make the messenger paper

    Yes the good people on PIA helped us when we were moving over almost 4 years ago. (Wow how it's flown), so we should all remember to reciprocate to help those who are just embarking on this wonderful adventure.
  9. The Flinns

    Does uk Football website 'First Row' work in Oz?

    I have Foxtel and Setanta!!!! But, as a Leeds United fan, I can sometimes only watch them on the net, as they are not being broadcast in Australia but are being broadcast live to other countries.
  10. The Flinns

    Does uk Football website 'First Row' work in Oz?

    Just been on and checked and yes it does work. BTW, I watch all my live games on vipstand.tv and have a pop up blocker which stops any unwanted ads
  11. To all of you that we have met and those who are curious to see what my other half looks like, Maria and her team of mental and physically disabled employees are starring in this weeks show. I am so proud of what she has achieved in our short time here (3 years), and extremely proud of her team and what they have achieved, given the difficulties that they have to overcome every day of their lives. Please watch and enjoy on ABC1 at 8PM tonight. Regards, Howard
  12. The Flinns

    Adelaide (yes!) & Aussie Beer (nooo!)

    Mate, I was in Perth a fortnight ago drinking draught Old Speckled Hen and Marston's Pedigree. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. They obviously import here, so why doesn't some enterprising publican bring them to Adelaide? BTW. You can get Tetley's Smooth on draught here and I think I've seen John Smiths Smooth also.
  13. The Flinns


    Hi Clare, Try Bedford http://www.bedfordgroup.com.au/business_services/catering They have an outside catering division and are a great organisation. They are featuring on a Po's Kitchen special on ABC1 in September and my wife, who's the chef and runs the canteen there, is starring with her team on it.
  14. Hi Sush, This has been posted today on PIA: http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/jobs-careers/32016-admin-clerical-job-30-hours-per-week-flexible.html I know that it say's that the salary is not too great but you will benefit from being able to salary sacrifice and not pay tax on $16,049 of your income. Good Luck, Howard
  15. The Flinns


    We use Adam naked dsl also. I bought a Linksys internet phone adaptor off ebay for peanuts and now have a fax machine and phone hooked up to it (with both an SA & UK phone numbers). Like another poster said it costs very little to make calls abroad. BTW, I use voiptalk.org for my calls and £5 will last us about 3 months!!

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