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    Just wonder if anyone is a support worker, as i been looking for jobs in the disability field... but they all seem to be looking for a cert 3... i've come over with a Btec in caring services and a BA Hons in Social work. Only looking or part-time hours as have 2 little one to look after.

    Got a feeling i maybe need to get re-trained.


    Any advice much appreciated.

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    Hi Willow,

    I'm not a support worker, I'm an SSO (School Services Officer) working with kids with disabilities.


    I don't know if this will help, but have you contacted MINDA SA or Ashford Special School? I was told that it is easier to get work if you are qualified to work with people with disabilities as opposed to another Teacher's Aide - although you might need to volunteer for a bit to prove that.


    Another place you could try is Bedford Industries as they provide work for people with disabilities and so need help. Or ask at Bedford to get a list of companies that provide work experience for people with disabilities as they might employ you?


    Hope that helps!



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