Complementary therapists working here?

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    Anyone know how to go about getting provider numbers? Are they essential? I worked as a therapist in the UK, but here is quite different I find. I was told by the AMA that I had to re-take my basic anatomy and physiology diploma here, or pay the fee (over $3000!) to get my qualifications recognised so I can work. Then I had to get insurance, pay the AMA anual fee for registration, and attend at least 3 of their courses every year, at my expense, to remain registered. Seems a bit crap. I asked at the trades recognition place, but they said my qualifications are fine. Probably got them on a bad day! I've been given the run around a bit, just need to get some work, but can't without all the paperwork. I was working as a cranio sacral therapist, but have massage. anma and reiki certs too. I'm looking to branch out into NAET and train here, but they can't help with provider numbers either.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Guest surhythms

    Hey Serena


    I am not living in Oz at the moment and we have just started our process through an agent. I have 3 ITEC dips in massage reflexology and aromatherapy which also covers Anatomy and Physiology. Having done research on it I am going to get and Educational ASSESSMENT done which costs AUS 400. Its basically to ensure that my diplomas meet the Australian Qualifications Framework - so fingers crossed. I have heard that ITEC diplomas are not recognised in Oz but I think if you get them assessed this is the way to do it. I know colleges who do training and also provide ITEC diplomas so you may want to check with them. 3000 seems quite a high amount. You may only have to study extra modules and then you can join an association.





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