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    I'm moving to Adelaide from the UK in June 2010. My wife and I both have O2 monthly contracts with 14 months still remeining. Neither of us need to keep the Uk number and aren't too tempted by O2's offer of us paying them over £500 each to end the contract early. If we were to stay in the UK having told O2 to stick it then they would of course chase us through the courts and we'd never be able to get a UK phone contract again. But what happens if we are in Oz? If we get the handsets unlocked prior to telling O2 where to go will they be able to block the phones via the IEMI number?


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    errr sorry can't help but I think you can have them unlocked even if your on contract.

    We had contracts and it was cheaper to just let the contract come to the natural end rather than paying for paying to come out of it. Hope that helps

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