Guest jasons

Anyone every gone this route before?

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    Guest jasons

    Got my flights confirmed today, has anyone ever gone this route before?



    London to Helsinki

    Helsinki to Hong Kong


    Hong Kong to Adelaide


    Then 3 months later...


    Adelaide to Melbourne

    Melbourne to Hong Kong

    Hong Kong to Helsinki

    Helsinki to London


    Has anyone ever travelled with Finnair before?


    I shouldnt complain really, but flights (business) are just shy of 6100 dollars!!



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    Sorry I have not traveled this route.


    How long is each stopover at each airport? If you end up having to spend hours and hours at each airport it may get a bit much, depends who else is flying with you (kids would defo say a big no no). On the other hand the stopovers may help you enjoy a good walk, and will break up the journey.



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