Whats seaton like?

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    We are looking at a house in seaton hopfully this week can any body give me any advice on this area or know anyone who lives there. Are there good primary schools in the area?

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    My husband is originally from Seaton. There are some nice areas, especially near the golf course, but some areas are a bit grotty, towards Seaton North. You will have to make your own mind up - look around at the houses in general, are they well kept or is the front garden full of broken down cars and weeds? There is a lot of subdivision going on there as blocks are fairly large and people are knocking down houses and building 2 on the block, which means there are a lot of newish courtyard homes up for rent. Try not to live too close to Tapleys Hill Road as it is a really busy road and the traffic volume builds up early in the morning, so it is pretty noisy, especially the trucks.


    As for schools, a friend of ours is a primary school teacher and he said to avoid Seaton Park Primary (where my husband went lol), but in his opinion Kidman Park was a really good school. Seaton High School has a good reputation.


    The good thing about Seaton is that it is a bit cheaper than Grange, Henley and West Lakes but is only 5 minutes drive from the beach and from West Lakes shopping centre, there is also Findon shopping centre nearby. It has a train station too to take you into the city, so it is in a very convenient location. The Seaton Hotel does good meals too!

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