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Three months to go!

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    Guest irisheyes

    Hey there,


    I'm originally from Ireland, but have been living in NZ with my Kiwi husband for the past 7 years. We have two kids, aged 2 and 3. We arrive in Jan 2011 and I start a part-time job in Elizabeth two days later!


    We're looking to live in the North-East as that should make for an easy commute for both of us. I've found from living here that I've gravitated towards people from the northern hemisphere - despite resisting it fiercely at first! Its just nice to have a rest from constantly being the 'outsider'!!


    Its been great to find such a positive site - the info I've found here has helped "heaps bro" as they say on this side of the Tasman.:biglaugh:



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    Hi There


    Welcome to PIA, there's always someone on here that can answer your questions and offer support


    Good luck with the move


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