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    Trek 7000FX hybrid. 22" frame, 21 speed shimano gears, great condition. Everything works, no issues whatsoever. Inspection welcome. Seriously won't get a better one for $225. Located in Hallett Cove.

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    Trek 7000 now $200 ( and worth every dollar :) ).



    ...a no-name mountain bike for sale. 17" alloy frame, 26" wheels with good tyres and tubes, 21 gears with twist-grip shifters, front suspension. $50.


    and a..

    ...Standish road/race. 27x1¼" wheels, 10 speed, steel frame, large size, straight wheels. Rides well but decided I don't like drop bars. Dates from mid 90's maybe. $60


    Also have a 21" flatscreen CRT IBM computer monitor to give away if anyone wants it. Weighs a ton (around 30Kg to be precise) but if you're into Photoshop or CAD it'd be pretty useful. Model P275 if anyone wants to look it up.

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