Dev Delay - KNEE WALKING TODDLER, 22 mnths

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    can anyone help with any advice on gross motor delay in toddlers pls?

    relocated when son was 1. all ok.

    since 18 month check, we are now on 2nd paediatrician, have seen an OT once, child physio (on public system once a month, gonna go for private with family extras asap, different opinions eg intellectual battle, personality, feet slightly flat, confidence issue, hypermobility - low muscle tone,

    hydro starting thurs at flinders, take him for beach walks to help his feet feel sand, and good for muscles too, need to get inclusive directions with c care centres, can do some steps and has done a few rooms round house, room to room, but now likes to sink down to knees, have frame to use at home n c care centres, excellent h vis in uk suggested this, someone says i need to research neuroscience for kids, how brain works, q stressful esp, without fam and friends i have known for long time around, phils work is often not local,

    anyone got any advice, tips, experience?

    ta lots

    sue x

    mitchell park

    jack 22 months and wonderful cheeky boy!!:err:

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    Guest libbysmum

    Hi Sue, can understand how you are feeling, my little nephew has had issues with his mobility and has seen many paediatricians health visitors etc, each saying different things like your own experience, flat feet, low muscle tone, ligaments too stretchy, but finally yesterday at just over 23 months he's finally walking!! My sister has struggled with footwear for him, the orthopaedic boots that they had made for him were useless, and he cried with pain, she has bought umpteen pairs of shoes from various places spent a fortune, clarks etc but has finally found a pair of nike trainers which he doesn't complain in at all and seems to have made all the difference. He definitely does have underlying problems, his feet are extremely flat, and his ligaments very stretchy, for example his foot can bend right up and his toes touch his leg, and when he sits on the floor he can bend double and his tummy touches the floor. His long term prognosis is a little uncertain as they have not conclusively decided what's wrong with him, but for now he's made massive progress.


    Seeing as my sister has had very little constructive help and advice from the medical profession all I can advise from our experience is try different types/styles of shoes. Wishing little Jack all the best and hope you see him making progress soon. Sure you will.



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