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pack yourself for shipping?


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Guest Mitchell

I wouldn't pack your own stuff. You are just asking customs to go through every box. My Mum packed my sisters and it took weeks to go through and there wasn't that much. Mine was packed for me and was a whole container and went through in about a week.

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Guest guest3462

I agree with Mitchell, pay the extra for them to do the leg work or pay here for customs to go thru everything! Plus it's not much extra and takes a lot of stress off you, you have enough to do!

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Guest needtogonow

We packed everything ourselves and we were also present when the customs did our inspection and saved $$$$$.


We put anything that we thought may be potentially "iffy" into a couple of boxes and labeled everything with full packing lists. Customs seemed happy that we had taken our time to do this and only bothered opening the "iffy" boxes.


I do think people panic alittle too much about customs, if you do it yourself, follow the rules and label everything well you can save alot of money.



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Guest boesman

I would love to hear the price diffs here as I had friends who packed their own container and was thinking of doing the same, but if there isn't much of a price diff then I would get them to pack it for us.

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Guest Ryan T. Lion

Whoooaaaaa !! !! !!


I've just got a quote this morning, for a corporate relocation.


20ft container, packed & wrapped, door-to-door....






I've been told when they learn its a corporate move they add 75%, just because they can.


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr :arghh: :arghh: :arghh:

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