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    train trip from Murray bridge to Adelaide........Who'd let their kid cross the train line to school these days unsupervised.....Plus "Ambleside" is the wartime name for Hahndorf, up until about ten yrs ago, there were still a few small signs on the back road pointing to Ambleside. This is the Overland route into Adelaide still.



    This shows why you don't see kids playing in the street here :D had it drummed into them at school... http://www.youtube.com/user/FILMAUSTRALIA?blend=8&ob=5#p/u/75/7Q4ELjeQ2Dc


    For all of you who complain about Aussie drivers...



    And another....http://www.youtube.com/user/FILMAUSTRALIA?blend=8&ob=5#p/u/8/l0z2vMQpKsA




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    Guest moonraker1959

    I love those old movies!My brother used to drive an old holden when we arrived in 1970.Paid $200 for it and it would be worth a small fortune now!Those really were the good old days!:cute:

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