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Scam or Con


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Over the last couple of months I had someone who is migrating to Adelaide ask about accommodation at one of my homes and sounded very keen indeed. When I didn’t hear back from them I presumed that they had found somewhere else and it didn’t worry me too much because I hadn’t received enquiries for the dates they were asking for yet.

Then they confirmed that they wanted the place and I sent them details about how to secure the property with a payment and for a few days they kept telling me that they would pay it coming up with a reason as to why they couldn’t pay it on a particular day. They then tell me a day after they said that they would pay the amount owing, that they have now signed and secured a long term rental from overseas and their cousin is going to furnish it for them and apologises for wasting my time. I don’t think people realize that by holding the property for them out of some sort of loyalty, I had actually turned some people away in those few days because I trusted them and while it wasn’t in my financial interest to hold it for them based on their non payment of a deposit or anything, I still did.

I definitely understand that people only need a furnished rental for a set period of time while they find a longer term rental and if they don't need it at all then why would one do it but this family really should have been up front about it. Places like the Hilton and other Hotel chains charge a lot but are more flexible if this kind of thing happens to them because they don’t mind if you cancel up to a few days before. I, as much as the next person likes to get good value for your dollar but not at the expense of treating people in a shabby way. People are so driven to save a dollar that they are happy to Scam or Con people and don’t see it as such. I think this is the same as people who try to Scam you with the professional emails or phone calls.

Apologies for the rant. In the main I have truly met fantastic people who have migrated who are completely trustworthy and upfront but just think that sometimes people don’t think and unfortunately incidents like this tends to make you worry about the next person who approaches you in this way, even if they are genuine.

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