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  1. Toni

    Looking for a job

    Where I work we hire a lot of staff through temp organisations like Entree. We've had some temp staff stay for 2-3 years. I've seen it help people get their foot in the door to more permanent work. I used to do temp work a while ago and loved it because if you didn't like being somewhere you didn't really have to give an excuse and just leave. This time of year we don't tend to take on staff and usually it starts up again towards the end of January early February. I work in government so that tends to be the way they operate.
  2. Toni

    Entertainment book, Adelaide 2016/17

    My vote is with the digital version. Used to get the book but last year got the digital one and used it a lot. The search function that shows you what is in the nearby area is great. Because the book is so big and heavy it was only good if you were planning to go out. This way you can use the vouchers spontaneously. Wouldn't go back to the book myself.
  3. Toni

    As each year passes I hate it more 😢

    Hi Star123 - I don't come on to the Forum much any more but your post really hit a chord with me. From an outside person listening to what you are saying the main thing I pick up is that your husband and you have drifted apart. I understand both your points of views. He has a right to his, as do you. While you are a couple you are also individuals and I think that the two of you have to work this out somehow. Have you thought of some sort of couple counselling? It forces you to listen to each other without interruption and I don't know about you but when I am in a heated situation, I can't really listen to the other point of view even if it makes sense.
  4. Toni

    Woolworths new reward scheme

    I am not sure who thinks of these "innovative" ideas. They must think the public are stupid. I still have the Everydays rewards card which I think you can use up until December before they phase it out completely. I might not make a lot of points towards a flight but I get enough to get a bit of a discount. We do a lot of shopping at Woolworths and BigW as it is our local shopping area but if they are not careful they could lose us for good.
  5. Toni

    Speeding fine loophole

    Perhaps they (Government) don't want to get rid of the "loophole". After all they are making extra revenue from it.
  6. Toni

    Money Saving Tips: Cinema's

    Wow - that's a bargain Snifter. We go to the Mitcham Wallis Cinema and go to the movies a lot - thanks for the info.
  7. I don't think there is a clear answer to whether people will find a job or not. I am one of those people that believes that when one door closes another one opens. It's worked for me and my family all our lives and we have done ok out of it. Some people though want all the planets to be aligned and that is ok for those people because that is what they choose and they probably would be stressed any other way. A lot of the news out there for South Australia's job front isn't looking rosey that's for sure but there does seem to be a "rabbit" pulled out of a hat somewhere. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If anyone moves anywhere looking for a fullproof ironclad guarantee that it will work out then there your probably going to be disappointed. If you move thinking I have to give it a go and it doesn't - at least you have tried. For those that have moved back because it wasn't what you expected, at least you gave it a try. If you hadn't then you may still be thinking "what if".
  8. Toni

    buying a house

    Keep looking Anne - you don't know what might come up and if you don't need something too large then you might be ok. There seems to be a new listing for two ground floor apartments at Christies Beach which have just come up for $205,000. I don't think we are allowed to post links otherwise I would put it on here.
  9. Toni

    Entertainment book, Adelaide 2015/16

    I used the digital version on the weekend at Cleland National Park. Really simple to use.
  10. Toni

    Grumpy neighbours? I don't think so...

    I think noisy neighbours are not on and if laws exist to not allow it then we should use our voice to express it - to the authorities. I own my home and I ain't moving. Our neighbours are pretty good, there is the occasional late, noisy party but we don't mind if it is an occasional one. We do have some noisy dogs in the area too but we don't like to complain about that because pets are so much of our families that I would hate to cause people grief over that. I heard of someone complaining about a noisy airconditioner (heating) which was new and I think that there should be some "standard" (if there isn't one already) that manufacturers have to abide by some standard as that wouldn't be fair to unsuspecting purchasers.
  11. Toni

    Entertainment book, Adelaide 2015/16

    I love the digital. I got it this year. In the past I've bought the book and while I got my money back on the $65 it is too bulky to take with you and so a lot of them went unused. The digital one for those who can have it on their phone is great. You can tap it and it will immediately pick the local offers nearby or within a certain area. I got mine online from the Seniors Information Service. Just paid on line and had it immediately.
  12. Toni

    Do the "Wefare Rich" really get this much?

    It annoys me too. Where is the data on what is spent by these "welfare rich" people. I would say that if you have children then you are getting those extra entitlements because you need them to pay for your kids needs. Once upon a time people felt they were entitled to the pension. I didn't realise it was a "welfare handout". I remember the days when superannuation wasn't compulsory and the normal labourer would get bugger all when they retired as their superannuation handshake wasn't like it is these days. (Although it is probably not a lot now either.) Once upon a time the pension was your "superannuation". You worked, you paid tax and it meant that this entitled you to the pension. These fat cat politicians have no idea about what it means to try make ends meet and they are probably trying to take the pension away from those who need it because they mismanage the taxes they collect - one might say for their extra perks,
  13. Toni

    Spousal visa, for a price!

    I think not young Tamara....scary that one (Or is it two?)
  14. Toni

    Spousal visa, for a price!

    May be you could broker a deal Tamara.....
  15. Toni

    Spousal visa, for a price!

    They both should get fined and deported elsewhere Makes it more difficult for genuine people who want to get married from different countries.

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