general building and paving.

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    HI all.

    We arrive in Adelaide on the 6th of Sept.

    It would be ideal if anyone knows where I would be able to get a start in the building trade.

    I have bags of experience run a small business in the uk for the last 9 years.

    I have sound knowledge in most ares, groundworks, drainage, I can drive 360 , dig pour footings, bricklay, pave, concrete and render.No problems reading drawing and quantifying materials.


    I'm easy going enjoys a joke just a general builder who likes a few well earned beers come Friday.


    Any pointers in the right direction much appreciated.

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    Its a bit diffrent here a bricky is a bricky a paver is a paver a concreter is a concreter if you get what i mean, everyone seams to stick to the one thing so I would go with one thing and see how you get on with that.The plumbers do the drainage here and is part of there licence.Footings are a bit diffrent all the houses are built on a raft foundation know as a slab here the soil here is not very good and a lot of areas have reactive soil so there is a lot diffrent types of slabs just depends on the soil reports.

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