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What do we do now we'vw sold the house?? HELP!!

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    Guest teresa lynch



    As you can see from my signature we were granted the 176 visa in June and have now accepted an offer on our house, from first time buyers who have finances in place and ready. We have been told a time scale for completion is 8-10 weeks:confused:


    The feeling of panic and being more than a little scared (even though this is what we've been dreaming of since 2009)is well and truely settled in and the waking at 3am with silly questions going round my head is shattering to say the least.:eek:


    So, I tought I would ask for some help and advice from PIA.


    Can anyone help me with what needs to be done before we get on the plane? when do I tell the kids schools, open Oz bank accounts, what do I take with us (we've had a shipping quote and are tinking of accepting PSS) what should we sell and when? When would be good to hand in notice at work etc etc the list is endless!!!!!:err:


    Also we would like to do a short term rent upon arrival which we are thinking will be beginning to middle of Dec for 4-6 weeks. Anyone with availability for a faimily of five please contact me.


    Thanks in advance.



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    Hi Teresa.

    Good news with you selling your house, we have been here for just one year and we are just settling in.our advice is to open a bank account while you are in the Uk you can then send money over to your account so its waiting for you when you arrive, You can open an account online, also there are a couple of the Oz banks that allow you to open an account in the Uk.My sister used PSS fror shipping and she rated them highly. Regarding what to bring, if you need a container its worth bringing everything you can if your furniture and white goods are in good condition then its worth bringing them , and you can replace them as you need and take your time. Also it can be quite cold during the winter so its worth while bringing winter clothes and winter bedding. you will find a place to rent quite eaisly. You will find that things do go through your head most of the time and will do untill you make the move.


    Good luck with your move.


    Les & Babs

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