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    This is a bit 'ooh my diamond shoes are hurting my toes and my tiara is too tight'! I think I am about to be offered a new job with RDNS and can't decide if I should leave my current job!! My current job is on a stroke/ neuro ward which is really my specialty but is a long drive, expensive parking and involves some night shifts which I hate! New job means mon to fri, but not nearly as flexible if need other days off, and am worried about being a bit boring and a bit lonely? I had a community job in uk before and was bored after a few years but wasnt

    hands on and wasn't in this gorgeous country! Weekends off would be good as means I could join clubs etc, but doesnt make much difference at home as oh either home or away working?

    When I told current boss about new job she said she would try to do anything she could to keep me and said that she planned to have me moved into a certain role in the future, but that's not actually a contract is it?

    Keep going over everything and still can't decide!!! Whaaaaa!! Suppose a bit of it is I have settled a wee bit into my currrent job in three months, and with all the changes of emigrating I am worried about another new thing!

    Not really expecting anyone to have an answer, just trying to sort it all in my head :)

    Thanks for listening, unless you gave up half way and you're not reading this!

    Gill x

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    Oh Gill, how exciting!! well im on the fence its your decision, lol.. BUT its a long drive now and getting out of nights, yes please!! if you leave on nice terms they may have you back if you dont like it or there may be something else that takes your fancy. Could we start a little nursing agency?? me, you, Deb.. lol just a idea. Sorry have been no help at all but wish you well, your a great lass (is that what they say in Scotland??) and i want you to be happy.


    Lisa x

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