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Adding images to your posts

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Times change and technology with it. So, with that in mind, a few pointers regarding images in posts when advertising on here.


Uploading images to the forum


* First option is online photo hosting accounts. These include Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack and others. If you use one of these already, chances are you'll have a good idea of how to upload images to them and also how to get the links to include in posts on the forum. They usually have an inbuilt option selection for BBCode or forum code. You can copy and paste this over or simply use the actual direct URL of the image and then use IMAGE tags on the forum to wrap round the URL. They also automatically resize the images for you or give you options of which size to use.



An alternative to online image hosting is to upload via the forum. If using this option its always worth checking the image file size and possibly reducing the image size a bit before uploading. KB not MB size wise on the upload. :wink: The image should still have good resolution.


An option exists for you to upload a maximum of 5 images per post (it may be more but I could only get 5 to upload).


* Compose your message and then scroll down the page till you see a blue header bar with Additional Options in it. Look in this for Attachments - Manage Attachments:Valid file extensions: bmp doc gif jpe jpeg jpg pdf png psd txt zip

* Click on the Manage Attachments box. A window will appear on your screen. Follow the instructions within it to upload your images via your computer (or from a website). Or try my step by step below if not sure.


1) Go to +Add Files box. Click on it. Another box will appear.

2) Click Select Files from within this new box. Your file directory should appear. Find the file and images you want to upload and select them.

3) Once the images are listed within this box, click Upload Files.

4) Once they have uploaded, drag the images you wish to include in the post to the lower box. when happy with the order Check 'SELECT ALL' in the bottom left corner and then check 'Done' over on the bottom right side. The Insert Inline option should be set automatically and your images should then appear in the post at the bottom (see below). If they are not, then check the images and then the INSERT INLINE option before hitting DONE.

5) Preview your post and check they are showing up (usually as thumbnails that can be clicked on to view the larger size) See the example at the bottom of this post.


Hopefully this will work for you, if not, try ignoring my instructions and go back to doing whatever it tells you to onscreen :cute:


* There is also the BASIC UPLOADER option when writing a post. Above the text box you type in is a selection of buttons with various functions. The ADD IMAGE one appears to be in the second row, 4th box from the left, the picture icon. Hover your mouse over it and the word IMAGE should pop up. Click this icon. A box will appear. Follow the instructions on screen (very simple) to upload either from your computer or from a URL. These will appear in the post itself wherever your cursor happens to be flashing at the time from what I recall.


Hopefully some of that made sense :) Feel free to drop me a PM if you get stuck and are not able to upload or include images in a post and I'll do my best to help.




(This post may be edited in future if changes or corrections to instructions are made)




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