any help appreciated

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    Hope you find the time to allow me to tell you the situation we have........


    Presently I am living and working as a laminate flooring layer in the Uk and also do carpets, cushion floor etc. I have been employed in this sector since leaving school which is approximately 25 years now. Also I have sales experience up to the position of retail management in this industry.


    We have decided to emigrate to Australia with Adelaide being our preferred choice and all was going well with our application. However, out of the blue the Australian government took away the Pathway D option for skilled workers which has affected our application. We have been advised by our Agents to try for sponsorship and if we can source a company who would be interested to offer work then our Agents can do the paperwork for us and the company on our behalf.


    I am looking at booking a week over to Aus early in March '08 and would very much prefer to have a face to face meeting and therefore am approaching companies that I have researched both over the net and through family members I have in the Adelaide area.


    Basically can your company be of any help at all. Be it just basic information with regards to whether their is a need for my skills in this trade area, potential sponsorship offers or would anyone be willing to meet at their convenience for a chat with myself either over the telephone or when I do travel over to Aus between the dates of 1st to 10th March 2008?


    Any help or information no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.


    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Regards and thanks for your time.


    Mr Martin Roantree


    My website can be found as follows giving further details of what I am presently achieving and covering in the Uk - www.easyfloor.co.uk

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