Therapist and Social Worker - how difficult will it be

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    Hi everyone,


    We are hoping to move out to Adelaide towards the end of the year (just going through the skills assessment now before state visa). I'm a therapist specialising in acute psychiatrics and children with emotional difficulties and my husband is a Social Work Team Manager (child protection). We just wondered if anyone works in these areas and can give us any advice regarding job hunting? I've registed with a couple of agencies and I get the feeling my other half will be ok finding a post, but I'm not sure about me.


    Paula and Shane

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    Hi Paula/Shane


    Must just say it's nice to see somebody in the same field of work. I am a qualified Senior Social Worker and I'm due to depart for SA next month. Unfortunately due to my qualification Australia classes me as a Welfare Worker so the role variety may change for me slightly. From my experience if you have the right social worker qualification to register out there and particularly the child protection experience you are away :-) I was recommended Sugarman International Group regarding employment from an ex-colleague already working out there. Good luck with the move.



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