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  1. Fotherespie

    Citizenship 2015/2016

    Hi everyone, We arrived on a PR visa 2 years ago and are now thinking of citizenship.. how long do we have to have been residents? Theres lots of conflicting information around and even the immigration site is confusing.
  2. Hi everyone, We are heading the to uk for 6 weeks and just before we leave our rental term runs out - so we thought we'd chance our arm and look for a house sit. We have done 5 in the past and all went well for everyone. So we wondered if anyone here may be looking we for house sitter from the 3rd week of July onwards? As this might coincide with others going to Europe. We can be very flexible, but ideally would prefer 2 months min. We have refs, police checks etc, experience of looking after pets. Please let me know if this might be of interest? Paula
  3. So this will be our first Christmas in Aus - last Christmas we went back to the UK for a family bash but after experiencing the temperature change, darkness and jet-lag we swore never again! So we are wondering what our little gang of 3 should do! We have the opportunity to create our own Christmas traditions but need a few ideas! beach? restaurant? what do folk without the family do (especially that makes it special for kids!)??? Ideas are very welcome.
  4. Fotherespie


    Hi there, my husband and i have been here a year and a bit. In our early 40s with a 4 year old boy. I work in Glenelg and often fancy a bit of female company! Finding it a bit hard given that im working and tricky finding people with kids the sameish age. Let me know if you fancy a lunchtime coffee.
  5. Fotherespie

    Health Insurance - do we need it???

    Hi everyone, So we've been here 6 weeks now. We're PR's so have our medicare cards but we're thinking we need to get some private health insurance sorted too. I'm find the system rather confusing! My husband has a dodgy knee and I have a dodgy hip! We didnt get far having these sorted in the UK as the physio waiting list for the NHS was well over a year in our area. We're worried that if we just stay on Medicare and go to a GP regarding these we will be referred to specialists that will then cost a great deal. So should we take out health insurance now and then seek treatment out? We also have a 3 year old boy that likes to run into things and are wondering about ambulance cover etc. What do people tend to do here??
  6. We are keen to get out and explore this coming weekend as we've only been here 3 months. A friend has kindly lent us their car so we're going to head off camping. Can anyone recommend a campsite (ideally wild or pretty basic) that will not be ridiculously busy over the bank holiday? We wanted to go to deep creek but have been warned its unlikely we'll get a spot. Any ideas?
  7. So we've got a babysitter! (this is pretty epic for us!) and we're off out a week on saturday. Its my hubbys birthday so we'd like to go eat at a place that's a dead cert to be good. Does anyone have suggestions - we like all kinds of food but perhaps Mediterranean inspired might be nice, we're pretty much gluten-free (so no Pizza places!).
  8. Fotherespie

    Suggestions for Camping?

    We fancy deep creek but need back up plan if its full! Is there anything else out towards victor harbor?
  9. Fotherespie

    New member alert!!!! Moving to Adelaide jan 2015.

    Hi, we've been here 3 months and we are in exactly the same dilemma! Its all so nice! Diana - Highbury sounds very nice, does it have a Centre? We are looking for somewhere that has a few cafes and bars that we can walk to.
  10. Thanks everyone that's really helpful, I've had a look at the websites and casa bla bla like pretty good for a birthday! Seems nice and lively!!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering how the last meet-up went and if there is a new one planned? I'm in Norwood and seem to be the only ex-pat this side of town !
  12. So we've got the house, the shipping has rocked up, now its time to create a bit of a social life! Is there anyone in / around the norwood area that would be interested in setting up a baby-sitting circle?
  13. Fotherespie

    Looking to meet new people

    Hi Ali, where are you living and what age group are you? Paula
  14. Fotherespie

    boys clothes wanted

    Would anyone happen to be selling (or giving away) any good quality boys clothes aged 4 upwards? My little seems to have had an Aussie growth spurt!
  15. Fotherespie

    why won't our stuff work??

    So our shipping arrived, now were plugging it all in slowly, first we discovered that our digital radio won't work, now the TV! Has anyone had this problem? Is the TV here digital? If so how do we reprogram it? (Not that I'm particularly bothered after 3 months with no TV, but I think my husband might not be best pleased if were a sport free house!). Advice would be welcome before he breaks something!
  16. Fotherespie

    why won't our stuff work??

    Thanks everyone - it lead me onto further links about set-top boxes so we should be able to get the tv sorted (just need to find a replacement remote now as ours wont work after the batteries corroded it on the way over!)
  17. So our shipment finally arrived hurray!!! However ive badly misjudged the amount of UK adaptors we needed. I brought 4 over in our luggage, one has exploded and I lent one out so were a bit stuck. Is there anywhere I can get them locally? Or does anyone have a few we can borrow or buy whilst I get some sent over from the UK?
  18. Fotherespie

    where can we get UK adaptors in adelaide??

    I agree Matty, normally that is exactly what I'd do but the plugs seem to be sealed units here! I'm I missing something?
  19. Fotherespie

    Feeling sort of trapped and confused

    Ah sorry - the baby brain hasnt gone away!!
  20. Fotherespie

    Feeling sort of trapped and confused

    Hi Kadina, I'm sorry to read that you feel like this - it sounds like a tough time. We do not have a 'mixed' marriage but we did live away from all family in the UK when our little boy came along and we struggled with this. I'd also say, you've just had a little one and this can mean the ground is shaking for all kinds of reasons ( big hormone, change of roles, the list is huge...) I had some challenges with this in the UK. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever fancy a brew and to chat things through let me know. My little one is now 3 and a half but he loves babies! Hang on in there, Paula
  21. Hi Kerry (and everyone), I'd love to be involved in this. Our family have been here almost 6 weeks and we're feeling a tad isolated and keen to make new friends but Aussies and Expats. I'm 39 and we have a 3 year old. We're in Norwood so not close to you lot but I'm wondering if there is a train I can hop on from the city to join you all as I'd love to meet everyone. Paula
  22. Fotherespie

    30's - 40 something wine tour

    We would be interested - we're in norwood but if you did a drop in the city we could walk from there. It would be great to meet some new people, we're 6 weeks in and wanting a few mates!
  23. Fotherespie

    Fridge Freezer Wanted

    Cheap and cheerful starter fridge freezer wanted asap.

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