Migration open day in Manchester

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    On the 29th February, The State Governments of South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, along with Queensland, ACT & the NT are hosting a migration seminar in Manchester to link skilled migrants with employment and state sponsorship opportunities in Australia.


    A number of leading recruiters and employers from the health, engineering and trades sectors will be available to discuss employment opportunities and answer your questions regarding migrating to Australia.


    Each State and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship will be giving a brief information presentation followed by an opportunity to meet individual employers and government representatives.


    This is an invite only event and you must register to be considered to attend. Successful candidates will be emailed directly with venue details and further information.


    You can register for the event @

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    Guest Chris_Cooper

    Thanks for the info (I'm still stuck in England trying to convince my wife to move!).


    I had been looking at an Expo advertised in Manchester on 31 March - 1 April 2012; however, the Manchester Central website (the Central was the given location) doesn't even list is as a forthcoming event. Considering that you can pre-book tickets at £17.50 a pop, this is slightly suspicious as far as I am concerned and one of the issues that I raised in my only post so far. I am very wary of all the info gleaned from the internet but I feel that I can trust the stuff that appears on this site. Are these Expos part of the same set-up or completely unrelated?

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    The State Migration Open Day (above) on the 29th Feb is a joint venture being held by the State Governments of SA, WA & VIC. There's no cost and it is an invitation only event - hence the need to register. It's completely unrelated to the Migration Event being held at Manchester Central Convention Complex on the 31/03.

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