Feedback on Belair please

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    Hi, we are mid way through visa applications and wanted some feedback on where to look for a house. We currently live in a house which backs into woodlands although benifits from being right on the edge of town. Belair seems to provide this however what other considerations are there as we like the freedom of land around the house but the convenience of the city very close by.



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    My in laws live at Glenalta which is very near there - lovely place, good schools, great location, good transport etc - some plots (or blocks as I should say) are quite sloping though and it's an area where you would need tobe bushfire aware. Have a look also at Hawthorndene and Blackwood around there

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    Guest Barney Rubble

    Like all burb's you get the high's and lows.


    Find it a bit of a windy (as in wine-dy) with the roads up there (or should i say to there).


    Bush fires tend to like hills areas but there'll be little protection if one does take hold but am not an expert in that area.


    Belair National Park is a nice place to go, meet or just stroll about.


    Overall you would need to think about how far you are prepared to travel for the enjoyment of:


    1. The Beach

    2. The Hills

    3. The Wineries.

    4. The city

    5. The shops

    and finally

    6. The work


    Most places can put you 20-30 minutes away but Mount Barker is up the Freeway and a bit hilly and bigger properties (landwise) so still worth a look.


    That's my 2 bob's worth, hope it helps, like others have posted, get here, rent, look around, sort out job's, kids ect. then buy.


    BTW i am in the same house i brought in 1988 so i really don't know what i am talking about :nah:

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    Nice place but not sure I would ever really relax there on total fire ban days. We live up the hills so also have risks, but around Belair (and other suburbs close by) there are fewer routes out should something nasty happen (one tree coming down across a road could pretty much cut you off) and I wouldn't relish driving on some of those roads in poor visibility such as thick smoke at a time of danger.



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