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Guest williams 1

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Guest williams 1

Hi, I'm considering a move (along with husband and baby) to Adelaide.


I often read positive posts on this site - along with the returning to the UK threads as I like to be as informed as possible (I'm not worried about a few posts putting me off!).


For the people who have returned or are planning to return to the UK what was it ultimately that you didn't like about Adelaide - or maybe meant it didn't feel quite "right" for you.



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Guest moonraker1959

Hi,I emigrated with my family to Adelaide,way back in 1970,when I was aged 9!I liked living in SA(spent 30 years all up)but felt a calling to return to my roots.I'm a keen traveller,and since returning to the UK,have been to so many places,places I just dreamt about whilst living in Australia.I live in a very nice area,but I also lived in a nice area in SA.So for me,ease and affordability of travel,good job,nice village,history,and good standard of living at the moment keeps me in the UK.Should I at any point return to SA to live,it'll be for family reasons more than anything.

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Guest Ihadtouseanewname

There is a lot of posts on here at the moment about 'positive' feedback,which is fantastic and more positive than negative :-)..but negative ones are not to put people off or slag off adelaide,I for one is returning home (Ireland) in 5 weeks with my hubby and 2 kids,we are here 8 mths!! I cannot do this anymore,I am very very homesick,I have not settled...my hubby would gladly stay,but of course knows how un-happy i have been and we always said we would not stay at the expense of one of us been unhappy.Im sad that it didnt work for me,Im scared about going home to no house,Im scared i wont have made the wrong choice for my 4 yr old daughter,my son is old enough to stay but he has chosen to come back,he does however have the option to return because of our 5 yr perm visa.It was a wonderful 8 mth holiday one which i will never forget,yes it was costly all our furniture has to be shipped back,but I know in my heart i need and want to be at home,it just was'nt for me and I will miss the brilliant friends we have made,but Im so happy since we made the dicision to go home like a weights been lifted,that is my story,wish it was different,but you have to go with what you feel is right....counting the weeks now :-)

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Guest moonraker1959

Good luck with that move back home Ihadtouseanewname!You gave it a go and thats all that matters in the end.People are more important that places,so if you have to return home to be happy,and maybe closer to those you love,then that can only be a good thing!Best of luck,and best wishes for a happy future!xx

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youre doing the right thing....RESEARCH is the key, but experience is the answer.

Going back is as hard as coming here in the first place, it doesnt make a failure of you, and staying doesnt mean you are brave, or stupid, or niave......reasons are ones own for going back or staying; no-one has the right to judge, or critisise, they are NOT in your shoes!!

It isnt for everyone, and some situations are harder than others.........personally, i like it here. I have a good job, a nice house, a few friends.........but it can get lonely, no denying it........but you make it what you will.

Good luck


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Guest chooklady

Hi Williams 1

It's hard to describe the feeling that some people get, which i guess is what you're wanting people to talk about.


I think there are some people (including myself maybe? This is worrying me!) that will just naturally move around as part of their personailty. Some friends of mine realised that they were moving too much, perphaps searching for something. The old "I'll be happy when..." they now have finally settled in SA - realising that happiness is internal not external (cheesy but true!). So in this senario it may not be about the UK or Australia in particular, just the thrill of the move!


Others just don't feel like they 'belong' here. That sense of not feeling at home. I can relate to this too. Australia just doesn't feel like home even after 6 1/2 years.

For me, seeing my family is a bonus but not the main reason for me moving back. People seem to understand more if I say it's fo family when the honest truth is that family is a bonus, it's more about the country and being 'home'.


My other theory is that there are cold weather people and hot weather people. I fall into the former and I feel more suited to a cold climate.


just my thoughhts.

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Hi Williams 1

I guess the thing that I've come to understand from my experience in moving to Australia is that it's not so much a better life, but it's a different life. Australia is probably no better, or worse than the UK.

I've been here since 1974 when I arrived at age 14. My wife and three kids moved to the UK back in Sept. 2010 and stayed for 8 months. I really enjoyed it back there. Our original plan was to spend around 1-2 years living in the UK, but we had some family reasons for returning early.

I have often thought that families wanting to move to Australia for a new/better life could try moving somewhere else in the UK first. There are several differences between the two countries and this takes a lot of acceptance. Here's a few differences that sticks out for me...


A trip to the doctor can cost around $55, however around $35 can be claimed back from Medicare.

Prescriptions cost around $30-35.

State schools cost around $600 per year per child, this includes books, uniform etc.

Food costs are generally a bit higher here than in the UK.

There is nowhere near the pub life that the UK has.

The summers are pretty hot - a lot of people go live in air-con house, air-con car, air-con work.

Winters are cold here in Adelaide, heating (and cooling) costs are high if using electricity.

Electricity bills are almost double what you would pay in the UK.

Our personal experience with the educations systems indicates that the UK education system is better.

Petrol is cheaper in Adelaide- around $1.50 per litre.

Houses are definitely cheaper here, and you get a lot more house for your money.

Much less traffic here in Adelaide.

Plenty of sunshine.

Great beaches.

Great wine regions.

Fruit & Veg is better here - fresher, bigger.


I'd love to hear from other member's thoughts on the differences between the two countries.... I'd also love to hear from people that are considering making the move, and why they want to leave...

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