Arriving on Wednesday!!

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    Morning! 2.5 years after we first started making enquiries etc...We've made it :) We fly out on Monday evening!! We have some time to kill when we first arrive; early morning arrival time; afternoon check in! So we thought perhaps we should get a few practical things done; open a bank account etc... Do they let you open a bank account when we only have temp accommodation for now?

    Where would we go to obtain a TFN number for my OH; he is also wanting to obtain a White Card is there somewhere we could go to find out information or get him booked on a course. I'm thinking we could register with Medicare as well; is it just a case of walking into a branch or would we need to go to the Head Office?

    All great intentions... we'll probably arrive & pass out in our hire car until we can check in to our accommodation; but on the off chance that we feel sprightly enough; any info on the above would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you :)

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    Guest stephensteve

    Welcome to Adelaide, the best place in OZ...

    When we arrived, we had to take the journey 320 km north of Adelaide. My wife realised that there were visa requirements that had to be fulfilled in Adelaide within 30 days (????) of our arrival. We had thought we would putit off for a couple of weeks and get to our new home asap...but......


    Instead of going to our destination and then having to return, we got our passport stamped when we were in Adelaide,


    It was a great plan as travelling up and down that A1 is not easy....we had to go to CURRIES ST in Adelaide,

    Hope this helps

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