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    We are a family of three with a four year old daughter trying to move to adelaide. At present waiting for skills assessment to come seeming to take forever. We are wanting to know where the best places to live in Adelaide are. Our preference would be near the coast but we are flexible. Looking into Hallet cove and Aldinga beach but need to know if they are as nice as they look and whether they are a reasonable distance from city.


    Any help very welcome

    thanks kathy

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    Hi Kathy

    We are a family of 4 (5 & 7 year old) and are moving out to Adelaide in July. We visited in January this year and i have to say both areas are as nice as they look. Aldinga is much further out than Hallett Cove, but has a great shopping centre and stunning beaches. Hallet cove is nearer to the city centre and has a train line going into the city ( think this is been extended to the Aldinga). I would say it took us about just under an hour to get to the city from our base near Aldinga (by car). We are just trying to decide on which area between the two to plump for. Im conscious that i dont want to have to up root the children and don't want them to have to move schools. My hubbie is leaning more towards Hallet cove because the city is more accessible from there. We are not party animals at all but would like to think that if there was an event or festival on in the city we could hop on the train. Hope this helps Best Wishes Michelle

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