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Last minute change of mind


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I arrived in Adelaide on 21st April and the family is not too far behind. We had been looking for a while at a number of places in the southern surburbs but since arriving i am having second thoughts about where to settle down. The downside is that i dont want to put the kids into school and then end up relocating to another area and having to change schools. With this in mind could anyone please provide some advice or positive/negative feedback on any schools within the Aberfoyle Park/Sheidow Park/Trott Park/Hallet Cove area's so that at least i can be looking in the right direction when it comes to choosing schools for the kids.


Any information or advice will be greatly appreciated due to this last minute change of plan!


Many thanks

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The thing is it's a very personal choice when it comes to school and also depends on the ages of the kids.


Heard good and bad reports about Hallet Cove R/12 and mixed reviews on the primary school as it really depends on the teacher your child gets.

Has for Sheidow park the nearest high school is HC or Seacliff and depending on the primary school you can be zoned for one of them, Woodend primary school is a fantastic school but currently not zoned.

Aberfoyle again has very mixed reviews it has some quiet strong reviews but then there is a large campus of three primary schools which gets great reviews.


All I can suggest you do is go and look round them with or without the kids and get a feel for them. Some maybe zoned so it all depends on where you live too.

We have settled in Port Noarlunga and can't rate it highly enough but felt the local primary was not for us and now attends a local private catholic school in Christies Beach and it was definitely the right choice for us.


I can sympathise with your fear of moving as it is unsettling for the kids, we moved from Sheidow park after a year and was so worried but at the end of the day if you do your research and know that any move you make will be the right one.

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