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Transfering iPod music to new pc ?

Guest Barney Rubble

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Guest Barney Rubble

Running 2 pc's but want to transfer all the music from the iPod (or old pc) onto the new laptop.


Usually ok with most stuff but the thought of losing all the photo's and music are not pleasant.


Have got all the purchased items over easily enough but not sure on the rest.


Any ideas out there ?





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Guest milne family

another good idea is to upload all your pics to the internet using dropbox or microsofts skydrive,its free and will give you access to your stuff worldwide just by logging in :

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Guest BrianS

It is actually quite simple to get your iPod contents back onto your computer in the event of a hard drive failure or purchasing a new computer and it seems to go unnoticed by even the most savvy users.

1.) Link your iPod to a computer (don’t allow it to sync)

2.) Open the iPod from MyComputer (PC Users)

3.) Enable the ability to see hidden files and folders (Tools—>Folder options—>View (tab)—>Show hidden files and folders (Radio button)

4.) Copy the hidden folder on your iPod to your hard drive, now all of the media contents are on your computer, ( Note: Make sure once you copy the folder from your iPod to your computer you select the highest level folder and right click and unhide the folder and all of its contents) now it just a matter of sorting it out and adding it your computer. The easiest way to do this is to open the top folder (Containing all of the F## folders that the music is stored in) and do a file find to that specific folder (Ctrl+F) in the search filed use the term *.mp3 or *.mp4 (or *.___ whatever the extensions/file type you are looking for, in my case I limit all my music files to mp3’s so its easier to search.) By using the * before the .ext you will search for all of the file types with that particular extension contained in the folders. Once the search has completed do a select all and the a Cut and past into a new single folder. Add that folder to your iTunes library and you are back up and running on a new machine…..simple…and free, no software is needed and it takes about 15 minutes, even with the 160 gb iPod…..Enjoy.

If you are looking for specific songs or albums or artists you can easily manage this as well (in response to other posts) if you elect to view the files in your folder in the “detail method” and then right click at the top of the folder where the different categories are you will be able to add the ability to sort by artist, album, etc. as long as the files were given the proper tagging in your iTunes library, all of that information that allows iTunes to sort your music is carried on the mp3 file itself and will then carry to your new iTunes library on a new machine.

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