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playgroups/playdates/meet-ups and child-care

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Hi everyone, We have been here for almost 6 weeks and so far enjoying it (despite some major problems along the way!) though now that hubby is at work I'm looking to make friends and attend play-groups etc. I have looked at the threads on here about the one nearby at Old Cottage and have seen that there are now walks though my terrible-sleeping little girl sleeps at lunchtime so am best for going things in the mornings or afternoons.


Looking to make new friends and attend play-groups (or similar if possible?) Also if anyone can recommend any good childcare near Happy Valley - I have visited 1 and searched and searched online though would prefer a recommendation. Daughter is just 2 and unsure about puttin her into child care as she has always been with me though unless I get a bit more social soon I think I may go potty so child care may be the answer.............


Any help/advice greatly appreciated!! x


Hope all in the UK are enjoying the sun as it's feeling very homely here (windy and rainy!) xx

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Guest m.jephcott

In aberfoyle park the hub preschool on hub drive does occasional care, my daughter went most wednesday mornings last year. It is good for getting the little ones used to being away from you. It only cost $5 for a session, but you might not get the same day every week and sometimes you may have to miss a week. I don't know what other kindys do this but it is worth looking into.

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I think you had a couple of replies to your last thread on this subject but anyways, yes, have you looked at occasional care? There are a few places offering it but I think the Aberfoyle hub one is closest to you in Happy Valley. It will give you a break to go shopping or the gym etc while your daughter gets to socialise with other littlies. My son goes to one once a week and enjoys it a lot.



Also there are loads of playgroups around. I go to one one on a wednesday morning in Aberfoyle Park. It is a small friendly group and runs from 9.30 till 11.30. There is also one at the Karrara kindy here in Hallett Cove that is fab on a Friday morning so we go there sometimes. Give me a shout if you fancy going and want to walk in with someone.


There is also a meet up happening this Friday at play n fun Christies beach from 10.30. See recent thread for info.


Alternatively I am always up for a coffee. Just let me know.


Sarah K

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