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Yet an other wages question

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Dear folk


Can you tell me if a basic salary of $75,000 is decent salary for a family of 5 (wife, me and three childeren under the age of 7) this package come with a company car. There is 9% super on top of this which I take is a pension contribution and they can package a sum of money tax free every year can somebody telll me in layman terms what this means?



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Guest Django

If you struggle you would be seriously doing something wrong. :biglaugh:


The tax free thing is salary sacrifice which basically means you can pay for certain things, like rent, childcare, etc (up to a limit) before you pay tax.

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Guest guest7008

we are a family of 8 who have a wage of less than that coming in per year - we have our own car, pay rent on a large house, pay all our bills and feed all of us and we manage comfortably, we are also managing to save money every month and go out with the children at weekends etc, so in my opinion that would be plenty :) :)

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Guest Crushfamily

If you come on a permanent Visa (175/176) don't forget you will get child benefit of at least $500 per month with 3 kids on that salary!

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