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AQIS declaration form


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we've got the movers all booked in for the end of July and they've given us a declaration form that we need to complete and although I've already been back to them with regard to some of the sections I'm still a little unsure on just how much detail we need to go into as far as childrens books/toys etc are concerned. Are we expected to list each new book they've had in the past 12 months or will a more general "various books/toys" be OK? And do we need to include things like new bedding, shoes, a casserole pot etc?


Also our list isn't particularly long - we haven't bought much knowing that we were moving; will this look suspicious as our moving agent suggested it might?



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Hi, in section 5 of the Aqis form where it says Do your unaccompained effects contain any of the following goods, then gives a list, one of which is other goods owned by you for less than 12 months. You simply tick the No box. If your worried simply remove any packaging from new items before you ship them. We had new stuff and ticked No, and the last time this question was asked, people admitted sending all sorts still in packaging with no problems. Including if memory serves a double bed. You don't want to pay import tax do you, the Aussie's are going to have a good stack of your cash when you arrive anyway, trust me.

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Thanks - you can really just tick NO and they're OK with that?? Like I said our shipping lady said that it may look suspicious if we only had a small amount so I assumed you had to list everything right down to your new pants!


I thought this was probably a repeated question but I quickly browsed the forum and couldn't find anything, so thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Yes flossybeth, just tick NO. We used a major name in shipping no probs. Remember your not dealing with the Gestapo here, the Aussie's are just trying to police whats coming into the country. Some people of low morals may try to ship in goods to Aus as personal possessions. If a person say had 20 new washing machines in their container, and didn't declare them, they would be of great interest to Aqis. Genuine people with new bits and bobs mixed in their container are of no interest. Our shippers didn't even mention it. Better go, mail bags to sew lol. Joke joke.

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