Hey dude where's my car.

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    A word to the wise, if you want to leave the city in a hurry it helps to remember where you've parked the car. Yesterday found me in the city for a meeting. Meeting finished at 4.40pm, great stuff I think, if I sprint walk back to the carpark shoving the old and slow from my path, I'll avoid the 5 o'clock rush. Don't know Adelaide city well enough yet to know if it gets busy at that time, but I'm guessing it does. Anyway I make good time arrive at the carpark, decide lift to slow and run up the stairs to level 2. Er no car, what? I'm sure I parked on this level. Well there is no way it was level 1, so it must be level 3. Not bothering with stairs again I run up the car route to level 3. Ah there it is I think and approach my car. Oh great now the remotes broken, I can get in with the key, but its not going to turn alarm off. As I start to get in a mood, I realise its not my car, same make model colour, but not mine. Up to level 4, no car. Around this time I'm starting to think its been stolen, only answer, no other possibility. Back to the stairs down to level 1. With my time advantage now gone, I discover the car happily parked on level 1. All sorted, after paying the hidious parking charge, and making a butter fingers job of dropping my change over car interior, I was on my way. As I'm driving out I can hear the OH's voice in my head, 'I told you, you never pay attention do you' bla bla bla.



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