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Qualified Regiostered Adult Nursing opportunities in Adelaide

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    Guest Juliz2

    I am a Student Nurse approaching the end of a 2nd year of a 3 year BSc Adult Nursing Degree in England.


    I am very eager to relocate when I qualify and very interested to know about job opportunities for newly qualified Staff Nurses..Registered Nurses in Adelaide. I also have a good deal of experience in finance prior to going into nursing and I am a qualified financial advisor. I want to establish what nursing opportunities are available and whether Adelaide has an age cap for emigration. Also the chances of a working permit please.


    I have two children.






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    Hi Julie,


    As a nurse you would get sponsorship fairly easily, however, you would be obliged to work only as a nurse; have you considered permanent residency?

    I think the age limit is approx 45years old, but that could be checked with DIAC website info.

    In my honest opinion, you would be best getting a minimum of 6 months experience under your belt; it may take that long to sort out your registration visa etc anyway!


    Start your research early; check out the advertiser website, they advertise nursing jobs regularly, also the sa govt website for jobs. Agencies can help you with relocation, and sponsorships; but again, check them thoroughly before choosing, not everyone has positive experiences with that option!


    Good luck with your studies.



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