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I'm new and I'm coming home!!! :-)

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    Guest Katangel

    Hi!! Thought I would introduce myself. My name is Kat, i'm 30 born and bred adelaide girl, currently living in nottinghamshire, uk. i wrote a bit about myself on my profile but basically moved to uk cos hubby, mark, 45, was missing home after being in adelaide for 10 years. we moved over in 2010 and already want to come back to adelaide so our aim is to get back in july 2013. england hasn't turned out how we planned it. we are struggling. mark's daughter, who came back with us , she's 20, has already moved back to adelaide and is loving it. so at the moment i'm doing my research on schools and areas and prices of everything, even though it'll have only been a few years i want to get it all right, sorted and organised to make the move as easy and as smooth as possible. hence how i found this site :-) x

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