Keeping a swimming pool :)

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    Hi I love browsing real estate and have seen quite a few lovely places wwith pools, unjust wondering how much does it cost for the upkeep of them? I've got quite a busy lifestyle so id be looking to get a service to do it all. I know you can get salt water pools and chlorinated, salt water isnt an option for us as it plays havoc with my skin... Everyone's input is much apreciated :) LauraLaura

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    We have a 70 000 litre pool which we built with our home 7yrs ago.

    We have chlorine and after our first yr of learning how to maintain this we finally got it down to a fine art and use 5:1 which is fabulous . Cost is minimal and is hoovered out usually this takes 1hr per week. No problems at all and is used all the time in Summer. Love it :-)

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