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    I have read a few messages on here regarding travel adapters, plugs etc for our UK appliances.


    I am not sure whether to buy a few extension 4 way leads and then just change the plug on the end to a Oz plug when we arrive, or is is best to just change the plugs on all items?

    I also read that you cannot change plugs on Hair straightners, clippers, hairdryers etc, can anyone confirm this please as I thought because the voltage is the same as the UK we could just change the plug?


    Thank you all, and Happy New Years Eve! Heres to 2013 . :smile:

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    We bought a load of four way extentions and changed the plugs on those as it's much quicker than trying to change all the plugs on everything else all at once. My OH then worked his way through most of the appliances changing plugs, although our stuff has been here since August and we still have quite a few things on UK plugs still. There is no reason why you cannot the plugs on hair straightners and hairdriers - we changed the plugs on mine. As far as I'm aware the only thing you cannot change the plugs on are adaptor/charger type plugs, although you can buy Aussie versions of some of them.

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