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    Well our container left at lunchtime on it's way to Adelaide.

    I have nothing but praise for John Mason so far and would certainly recommend for anyone who is considering their shipping options.


    We had a 3 man team (Richard, Alan & Terry) for 2 days and they dismantled and packed everything on the first day (it has to be seen to be believed).

    They were on time, early actually which threw me a bit but I'm not complaining. The guys were a pleasure to have around, were courteous and really easy to get on with as well as hard working (they worked a long 1st day so they could get the container packed early on day 2).


    The container arrived 8am on day 2 and was packed by 11 and off to Bristol docks although it's not scheduled to set off until next Friday.


    I realise we're only half way there with this but the level of service so far has been excellent.:smile:


    The only thing we didn't use was their insurance choosing to go with Letton Percival for their competitive price.


    PS One piece of advice is to make sure you move everything that isn't going into a room on it's own. We didn't do this for everything so had to point out bits that were staying just to make sure they didn't get packed. The guys were great though and really accomodating about this but it would have saved a bit of stress if we had just moved them all into 1 room.

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