A few questions!!

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    Hi everyone :smile:


    new to the site and would appreciate some advice!! We are at the first stage of our visa application, OH is awaiting results of vetassess stage 1 and is taking the ielts exam next month.


    we have been undecided between Perth and Adelaide but have now decided that Adelaide is the best place for us and our 3 year old daughter.


    i am looking at south of Adelaide particularly Port Noarlunga, I really like the look of Aldinga Beach but think it may be to far south.


    my questions are: can anyone give us advice on which are the best suburbs south of Adelaide and which have good primary schools for our daughter. Also regarding work, I will be a newly qualified registered nurse and my oh is an electrician, will be both find work easily?


    We will no doubt need ohsc, what sort of times do trades and nurses start there morning shift????


    Absolutely any advice and answers to our questions will be greatly appreciated!!!


    Donna :jiggy:

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    Guest PaulandVicky

    I would firstly go to the expos that happen around the uk as they would give you all the REAL advice there and you will have a greater understanding of all and your Q answered. They cost around 10 or 25 each for entry but its worth the visit for gaining knowledge etc at what you need. They do visa checks, furniture removals, job searches and advice, loads of magazines on where you want to stay etc...


    Viicky x

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    Guest AngPhil

    I would second about the expo. We went to one in Leeds, got loads of advice and ended up applying for our visa ourselves with me as the main applicant (maths teacher). Once we got our visa through my hubby, an electrician, did ATRC for $300 and had to do a 4 day course to get his class A licence when we arrived. He did not have to go down the PEER route and I think it saved us a few grand. Our kids loved it too as they were given loads of free stuff. You may be best applying through you, but if you go to an expo they will tell you.

    One good tip is once you have your skills recognised for your visa you need to apply for your licence. A friend of mine didn't do that until she arrived and couldn't start nursing for 5 months.

    my hubby got work within a few days of getting his class A licence (which was within two weeks of arriving).


    Port Noarlunga is lovely, we live in Seaford which is 5 mins away. My youngest son goes to Seaford Rise Primary, which has been great for him. I would NEVER recommend the secondary schools (Seaford 6-12 is dreadful and I believe Christies Beach is worse) and think you are best going private, Cardin, Tatachilla, Woodcroft and Southern Vales are all great (Cardin and Southern Vales are very cheap as they are very affiliated to religious organisations).


    Good luck, it is a very exciting/ terrifying move, but the best thing we have ever done.

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